Ole Bob & His Memorial Service

That Ole Bob, he was quite tha fella and quite the prankster, too! He left instructions about how he wanted his service to go. He asked to be cremated and then have a gatherin’ of all his friends and relatives up on tha ledge back of his house.

Well, I kinda wondered bout that request. Ole Bob and I spent many a day on that ledge. They was on that ledge, no matter tha time of year, a steady wind that blew right into your face. Ole Bob and I would throw stuff off it to see if it would fall off that ledge and tha wind twould blow it right back at us.

Well, Ole Bob wanted his two young nephews to disperse his ashes out over that ledge and tha wind was supposed to take them away. Everyone sat down on tha chairs provided and when those two young-uns tried to spread Ole Bob’s ashes, tha wind blew them right back all over everybody. People was complainin’ bout it for days. Heard ’em say how they had to shower to get Ole Bob’s ashes off ’em when they got to their houses. I wondered if Ole Bob was gettin in one final prank on eveyone. If he was, twas a doozie.

wilfred Poole

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