How Entertainment Changed

After tha Big War, the mood of tha town changed. So did tha way people entertained themselves. Seems when tha boys come back, few wanted to get into the old activities that they’d grown up with. Church functions like picnics, supper, dances and so forth lost their appeal to most of tha boy that come back.

They was partyin’ a lot of drinkin’ and, tha women did their share of it, too. Young families dint do a lot of stuff together any more. But, they still was plenty of partyin’…

Entertainment became tha local beer joint. Fellas gettin’ very drunk and drivin’ round dangerously. Women hopping up on bar tables to get tha attention of tha men. Lots of marital cheatin’ goin’ on and jealous people chasin’ each other around bein’ mean to each other. Was obvious tha changes. And, they want for tha better, either.


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