S&H Green Stamps Bow & Arrow!

When I was a youngster, S&H Green Stamps used to be quite tha deal around here. They was used as a promotion thing and, tha store in town used to hand ’em out to get people to buy from ’em.

My Mother always got S&H stamps and, she’d redeem ’em for some pretty good things. Lot’s of times, us bein’ poor and all, that was tha only way we got anything new in tha house and, tha only way tha folks could get us kids any gifts for Christmas.

Well, one time I guess when I was about 12 or 13, I saw an item in tha S&H catalog that I just had to have – a youth-model bow and arrow made out of hickory wood. I asked Mother if she’d get it for me for Christmas and, she did.

There it was for me on Christmas mornin’ – a bow with a bow on it! I took it outside and, I spent all mornin’ shootin’ arrows at this cardboard box. Dint take me long though to do what I did best when I was a young-un – break things. I pulled back hard on tha bow and broke tha bowstring. Put another one on it, pulled back and, that hickory wood made a crackin’ sound and, my bow snapped clean in two. One piece whizzed by head and nearly caught me right in tha throat.

I was mad that it broke. Was hard on myself for breakin’ it. But, Father told me not to be. He said twas defective wood and a poor quality product from a foreign country. After that, I dint have much use for S&H Green Stamps – givin’ me cheap junk like that.


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