Aunt Snooty & Wrong Eggs!

When I was a young ‘un, I used to spend an awful lot of time up at Nanny’s and Grampa’s helpin’ out with tha chores – feeding tha turkeys, pigs, and chickens and so forth.

One time, my aunt come up from down country to visit Nanny and Grampa and, to be honest with you, she want one of my favorite people. She was always lookin’ down at others, specially me and my family. My brother always said twas because she had a little money and thought she was better than tha rest of us. He always referred to her as ‘Aunt Snooty.’

Well, one day Nanny told me to go out and gather up some eggs for Aunt Snooty’s breakfast. I dint know if I’d find any but, when I got out to tha coop, I couldn’t believe my eyes. They was about a dozen eggs in one nest box! I gathered all of ’em up, scurried into tha house with ’em and then headed for home.

Want but an hour when Nanny was on tha phone teliin’ my mother that they wanted me back up there pronto. I dint know what was goin’ on. Sure found out though. I want even in Nanny’s and Grampa’s house when Aunt Snooty had me right by tha ear draggin’ me to tha sink. She said, “You see what you made me eat you little weasel?” I looked down at tha sink and they was a bunch of tiny baby chicks in a wash bowl. How was it my fault? I dint know they was special eggs. Grampa dint tell me that he put some hatchin’ eggs in tha hen-house.

Aunt Snooty slapped me on tha back of tha head and said, “Now you get for home and don’t you let me catch you up here again!” I wasted no time gettin’ away from that ole ‘battle-axe!’ To this day Brother would laugh over that incident. But, it pretty much ended my chore duties at Nanny’s and Grampa’s.

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