Rude – Griddle Cakes

I was never much for pullin’ pranks on people and dint care much for others doin’ it either. But, there’s times when some people have got it comin’ to ’em.

We had these people who used to come up here from down Boston way (we used to call folks from down that way – ‘flatlanders’) and, they was tha snootiest people you’d ever want to deal with. Nothin’ was ever good enough for ’em and, they always made it pretty miserable for tha folks around here who ever had to work for ’em. Most people just stayed away from ’em.

One time, they came to one of our church breakfasts and, they was throwin’ their weight around pretty good and bein’ just as rude as ever. Well, they got under Mildred Leach’s skin pretty good that day and, if you knew Mildred, you knew that she want one to cross!

I was just about ready to throw out tha eggshells we’d been usin’ for tha pancake mix and tha skin off tha homemade bacon when Mildred said, ‘wilfred bring some of that skin and some those eggshells over here.’ I brought ’em to her – but, I dint have a clue why she wanted ’em. Found out pretty quick though! She mixed tha eggshells in with a half bottle of hot pepper sauce and some pancake mix – just for those people. Then, she cut up that tough old pigskin and fried it up for them. I’ll tell you, my mouth dropped when she went out front and personally served it up to them.

Well, those folks took to hollerin’ and, tha man started yellin’ about bringin’ a lawsuit against tha church. Pastor had to smooth things over pretty good with them.

They never came back to tha church and, for weeks after that incident, we had a good laugh about it – everyone except Mildred. She was in Pastor’s doghouse.

wilfred Poole

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