If you like old-fashion Yankee Humor, you’ve come to the right spot. “An Old Man’s Tales & Musings” offers a good dose of it! The ‘tales’ are told by a fictional old gent named ‘wilfred Poole’ (he likes to spell wilfred with a small ‘w’) and, he tells them with such dry humor and wit that they can only be associated with one geographic area of America, rural, small-town New England, and with the ‘characters’ one might have encountered in that neck of the woods in years past.

We look at storytelling as an art. And, a lot of folks tell us that wilfred is pretty good at it. He’s a comical old fellow who puts everyone in his stories (including himself) in some very humorous situations.

Of course, as with wilfred, the individuals depicted in these writings are entirely fictional.  So, if a reader makes a connection to names and events in these writings, such connections are purely coincidental.

Carrying on the tradition of storytelling – especially about New England – is a passion of ours and, we hope that you enjoy what you read here as much as we’ve enjoyed presenting it to you. Thank you for visiting with us.

Merle Burke, Author/Executive Editor
Burke Enterprises
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